Sunday, 21 June 2020

Out of Isolation mix

a live mix of music from recent releases I've enjoyed at home for the past few weeks, alongside various tracks from The Isolation Tapes released last week via Castles In Space.
Jazzmin & Madtone : Return To The Branches
Stellarays : Medium Wave Magneton
Jerkcurb : Midnight Snack
Long Meadow : 782.5m
Elysia Crampton : Dog Clouds
Vic Mars : Skylight
Fink : Once You Get a Taste (acoustic)
Plain Jane Superbrain : For Some The Stars Are Our Guide
Exael : Wub Life
The Bentley Emerald Learning Resource : Pritt Stick
Bhajan Bhoy : Cascade
Yves Malone : Stiff Starter
Frythm : Colors
The Twelve Hour Foundation : Lock-in
Jonathan Sharp : The World Without Us
BC Camplight : I Want To be In The Mafia
Salvatore Mercatante : Artefacts Of The Age
Baal & Mortimer : Prosthesis
Dubrobots : Tea Version
I See Rivers : Barefoot
Polypores : Abstract Gardening
Christian Lee Hutson : Atheist
Rebecca Denniff : To The Greenwood
Soft Location : Fools
Revbjelde : Death Moves
Gilroy Meres : Swallows
Hawksmoor : La Peste
The Trees : Psalm 42
Kemper Norton : Treliske
Bergsonist : Amazon Snake Charming
Keith Seatman : Top Hat Disco
Quimper : Boroq-Thaddoi

Junes Tunes

HHY & The Macumbas : Gysin Version
Diluted Dub : Wings Dub
Lizard : Sa Ka Na Dub
Nightports : Sparke
Mapstation : Horns Version
BOOF : Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy
KIDSØ : Childhood (Longarm remix)
Lotte Lenya : Bilbao Song
TALsounds : Dynasty
Oblyx : Walk On
The Vinyl Scavenger : This Is The Age Of The Train
Sibylle Baier : The End
Hania Rani : Rurka


Saturday, 18 April 2020

7&7 Is Mixed 1 - radio static

first in a series of mixes of random 7" singles

Edgar Winter Group : Frankenstein
The Rezillos : Destination Venus
Spizz Energi : Where’s Captain Kirk?
Sonic Youth : Superstar
Dead Kennedys : Too Drunk To Fuck
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates : Please Don’t Touch
David Essex : Rock On
Chas & Dave : Ain’t No Pleasing You
The Banana Splits : We’re The Banana Splits
Adrian Munsey, His Sheep, Wind & Orchestra : The Lost Sheep
Mott The Hoople : All The Way From Memphis
Godiego : Monkey Magic
Nick Nicely : DCT Dreams
Magazine : Shot By Both Sides
Eddie Stanton : Tales From The Raj
Chris Farlowe : Out Of Time
Split Enz : History Never Repeats
Johnnie Allan : Promised Land
Allardyce : Put In a Potterton
New Bad Things : I Suck
Timmy Thomas : Why Can’t We Live Together
Klaus Nomi : Ding Dong
Ten Benson : The Claw
Monsoon : Ever So Lonely
Otway & Barrett : Down The Road
Ronnie Hilton : A Windmill In Old Amsterdam
Captain Beefheart : Upon The My-O My
Roy “C” : Shotgun Wedding
Guided By Voices : Official Ironmen Rally Song
Average White Band : Pick Up The Pieces
Mike Scene : For The Love Of Mike
The Mood Mosaic : A Touch Of Velvet – A Sting Of Brass
John Shakespeare Orchestra : Number One Theme
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers : Morning Of Our Lives


7&7 Is Mixed 2

the 2nd in a series of mixes of random 7" singles

The Clash : Complete Control
Beck : Loser
Billy Swan : I Can Help
Stretch : Why Did You Do It
The Special A.K.A. : Gangsters
The Fall : Totally Wired
The Moldy Peaches : NYC’s Like a Graveyard
The Wombles : The Wombling Song
The Goodies : Goodies Theme
Johnny Japes & His Jesticles : Bags Of Fun With Buster
Bowie : Knock On Wood
The Human League : Being Boiled
NEU! : Super
Gorkys Zygotic Mynci : The Game Of Eyes
Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy : Journey Of The Sorcerer
Tony Christie : I Did What I Did For Maria
Tommy Cooper : Don’t Jump Off The Roof Dad
1.99 Ghost : Animal Fat
Eno : The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Traffic : Hole In My Shoe
John Martyn : Johnny Too Bad
Charlie Drake & Peter Gabriel : You Never Know
Manuel : Shaddup You Face
Sonovac : Human Fly
Vroom : Stock Car Racing Is magic
Cassette Boy : Di & Dodi Do Die
Yardbirds : Evil Hearted You
Area Code 615 : Stone Fox Chase
The Tubes : Special Message/Prime Time
Johnny G : The Hippys Graveyard
Bullet : The Hanged Man
Fleetwood Mac : Man Of The World
Tony Meehan : Hooker St.
The Static Waves : CRMK Jamboree


7&7 Is Mixed 3

the 3rd in a series of mixes of my old 7" singles

Quiller : Quiller
Nick Nicely Hilly Fields (1892)
The Cimex Invasion : Top Secret
The Chris Barber Band : Cortina Run
Scritti Politti : The Sweetest Girl
Stoned Aid : Are You Going To Stonehenge?
Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats : Show Me A Sane Man
Stiff Little Fingers : Gotta Gettaway
Mike Sammes Singers : Brighten 72
Muff & The Bankhouse Liecinton Assembly Hall Band : Funky Cop-Out
Joni Mitchell : Raised On Robbery
Sirconical : Moondance
Laurel & Hardy : The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Yoko Ono : Walking On Thin Ice
John’s Biggest Fan : (We Need) Gun Control
Serious Thrush : Give Three Cheers!
Adam & The Ants : Ant Music
Bill Nelson : Do You Dream In Colour?
Ian Dury & The Blockheads : I Want Be Straight
Mighty ‘Em : Jekyll & Hyde
Linda Jardim : (60 Miles by Road or Rail) Northampton
Mel Brooks : High Anxiety
Blackfoot Sue : Standing In The Road
The Hennessys : Great Little Trains Of Wales
Lindisfarne : Meet Me On The Corner
A.L. Lloyd : All For Me Grog
Fink : All Cried Out
Electrelane : Film Music
Roy Jay : Vehicle
Highly Likely : Whatever Happened To You
Pulse : High Tech City
John Dowie : British Tourist
Phoebe Snow : Every Night


Friday, 17 October 2014

Smokin' Mixture

One from The Vaults

SCALPEL : Sculpture
DJ STIX : Everything
DEAD CAN DANCE : Enigma Of The Absolute
THE REAL TUESDAY WELD : The Eternal Seduction Of Eve
TOM TYLER : Shatners Bassoon
PREFUSE 73 : Perverted Undertone
OCTAGON MAN : All The Happy Robots
CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA : The Awakening Of A Woman
POLE : Slow Motion


Monday, 22 September 2014

Throwing Muses in session

session with the Throwing Muses recorded earlier this year

XTC : Garden Of Earthly Delights
Talking Heads : Cities
POW! : Fire Hose
Throwing Muses : Freesia
Frank Black : Ole Mulholland
Be Bop Deluxe : Love In Flames
Pretenders : Message Of Love
Throwing Muses : Sunray Venus 
David Peel : Up Against The Wall
Pavement : Cream Of Gold

Bobby Conn : The Golden Age
Guided By Voices : Portable Men's Society
Throwing Muses : Static
Skeleton Key : The Barker Of The Dupes
Roxy Music : All I Want Is You
David Bowie : I Can't Explain
Throwing Muses : Milan
Pixies : Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)