Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Pavemented mix

I recently discovered this mix from The Garden Vaults which
is a mix of cover versions, solo tracks and of course songs by
the band themselves. There is a sweet treat halfway through
with an exclusive cover version of 'We Dance' by Cat Power
performed for the show in the 90's which is previously unreleased.

Pavement : Cream Of Gold
Fonda 500 : Box Elder
Pavement : Extradition
C - Kid : In The Mouth A Desert
Stephen Malkmus : Jo Jo's Jacket
Pavement : 5 - 4 = Unity
Pavement : Half A Canyon
Fuck : Heaven Is A Truck
Pavement : The Killing Moon
Pavement : Conduit For Sale!
Airport Girl : Cut Your Hair
Cat Power : We Dance
Pavement : Box Elder ~ live
Panty Lions : Baby, Yeah
Pavement : Blue Hawaiian
Bernhard : Gangsters & Pranksters
Gary Young : Plant Man
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks : Craw Song
Colditz : Range Life
Pavement : Passat Dream
Lenola : Kennel District
Pavement : Here