Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Six Tip Trip

Before I continue my adventures around the charity shops of
middle England I thought I would try my luck at the various
Recycling Centers or tips as I like to call 'em, in my local area.
As Northants and Bucks are proud to boast that they claim to
recycle up to 74% of our disposables it stands to reason that at
least 12% of that might be vinyl.
So I took off with my trusty camera to find out...

I knew I was getting close to this tip as the smell from the
nearby sewerage works is so overpowering before you even
get within half a mile of it.

They take their recycling very serious here, nothing is wasted,
especially books.

Even unwanted boxes of Friends VHS tapes are left out in the vain
hope that some sad sap might snap them all up at three for a £1.

There are vinyl pleasures to be found however with this Royal
album a worthy addition to my collection of Queen records.

The only other tip in Northampton is at Sixfields, home to division
2 mid-table stalwarts The Cobblers & my local cinema where I can
often be found in row J.

A dark and not very inviting metal container has something
vinyl lurking within.

Unfortunately it's just a pathetic selection of tip-tat.

I make my way to Towcester where I'm sure there will be richer
pickings on offer.

A friendly warning in front of me as I park the car.

I get out to be greeted by the tip cat, so much for no pets!

No shortage of vinyl in the "shop" but it's gonna take a while
to root thru it all.

But I find nothing of interest in Towcester so I head south
to Milton Keynes, my first stop is my old stomping ground of
New Bradwell where I lived for 10 years.

The signs were looking good at last.

However the signs lie as it was bloody shut, grrrrr.

West I go to Newport Pagnell, home of Aston Martin cars and
an M1 motorway service station and a busy tip and err, thats
about it. Here they have a STAR SHOP which sounds pretty cool
and possibly fruitful.

More metal containers full of strange and mysterious objects,

Heaven knows what dangers might be hiding in the back
of this one.

I did find a few records such as this original Nancy & Lee
album, they did have the largest selection of old videos I
have come across today. I picked up Pirates Of The Caribbean
for 19p, that was all my loose change!

I was smart enough to leave this LP by the late father of Paula Yates
mother of Peaches Geldof and late partner of Michael Hutchence, etc.

My final stop is at the aptly named Bleak Hall, not quite something
out of an old Dickens novel but pretty grim nonetheless.

The last time I was here it was all closed off as a young helper
had been injured (by a falling box of Friends videos, probably)
so I was pleased to see it had reopened for business.

The promise of Beastie Boys and The Boys albums almost
got me quite excited until I saw the condition they were in.
I think the snow must have been left to gather on these boxes
as they were all a bit soggy and useless.
So not a great afternoon for coming across any great finds but
I have done well at the tips in the past, it was just not to be my
day today, so I shall goback to doing the Charity shop hop!