Thursday, 26 January 2012

Folk In Hell mix

songs of love and hope, loss, death and despair

The Bently Boys : Down On Penny's Farm
Cliff Carlisle : The Wreck Of Number 52
Bascom Lamar Lansford : I Wish I Was a Mole In The Ground
The Caroliner Tar Heels : Got The Farmland Blues
Bob Miller : Ohio Prison Fire
Clarence Ashley : Naomi Wise
Blind Willie Johnson : John The Revelator
Ramblin' Thomas : Poor Boy Blues
Floyd Ming & His Pep-Steppers : Indian War Whoop
Uncle Dave Macon : Way Down The Old Plank Road
The Memphis Jug Band : K.C. Moan
Frank Hutchison : Last Scene Of The Titanic
Williamson Brothers & Curry : Gonna Die with My Hammer In My Hand
Alabama Sacred Heart Singers : Rocky Road
Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers : Shine On Me
Elders McIntorch & Edwards : The Flood Of 1927
Bob Miller : The Crash Of The Akron
Nelstone's Hawaiians : Fatal Flower Garden
Carolina Buddies : The Murder Of The Lawson Family
Norman Blake : You Are My Sunshine