Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Jim Fixed It For Me - in 1976

Over Xmas my wife managed to track down this footage of
me appearing on UK 70's TV show Jim'll Fix It in 1976. This was
the Christmas Special featuring Rod Hull & Emu as well as camp
superstar John Inman from Are You Being Served?
I remember it took me 3 years to live down the embarrassment
at school of trying to pull a feather out of Emu's tail.
I am wearing a T Shirt with the logo 'Sellit & Soon' which was
the name of my fathers second hand shop in Milton Keynes,
he even payed me £5 to wear it - a free advert for him on the BBC.

I had originally written in to the show when I was 12 and I knew
even then that I had to ask Jim to fix me something easy or I
wouldn't stand a chance of getting on. The show was the most popular
Saturday night TV show at the time so asking to meet Bowie or Marc
was just pointless, so I chose Rod Hull & Emu, who were also big
stars at the time, with the hope that I might have more luck getting
on if I asked for something easy to set up.
However I was mortified 2 years later to find out I was gonna be on
the Xmas Special, not what a 14 year old would ever want to be doing!