Friday, 21 January 2011

Jerry Sadowitz - live review

OK first up, I confess I did not have the balls to whip my
camera out and try to take even a sneaky pic of Sadowitz onstage
in London last night. It was incredibly intimidating to see him so
close up that his spittle was showering us in the front row.
The drive down to London wasn't as bad as the last time I went down
for a gig but sadly the choice of radio stations available over
Londons airwaves is still utterly shite and it even drizzled a
little bit, but this didn't dampen my enthusiasm to see the show.

I had not been to the Leicester Square Theatre before,
it's next door to the Prince Charles Cinema - coming soon...
I Spit On Your Grave & The Sound Of Music singalong)
Richard Herring was over-running tonight in the theatre so the
queue built up past the supposed 9.30pm start

Sometime around 10pm we all pile in, my wife had kindly secured us
front row tickets which I actually remember thinking was quite sweet
when I opened them on Christmas morning.

We settled into our seats uncomfortably aware that we were a bit
closer to the stage than we had actually envisaged, but I guess
that means we'll be able to see and hear him nice and clearly.

No zoom or trick photography here, there is the edge of the stage,
there is his props table and bloody hell those lights are bright!
Jerry bounds on with all the enthusiasm of a rabbit on speed
dressed like a Rabbi in a kilt - he is of course Scottish/Jewish
comedian Rabbi Burns.
He takes a little while to get really offensive but once the
floodgates open after ooh, about 15 minutes, it's a total non stop
assault on everything, everyone - including himself.
He even complains at one point that with so many disasters and bad
things going on, from Jo Yeates to Tunisia to the Australian floods
etc that there are simply too many things to rip the piss out of that
he just can't be arsed! "everythings fucked and we're all doomed"
was mentioned more than once.

Overall it was a very funny 90 minutes as you become almost beaten
into submission by his nonstop aggressive and bile spitting (literally)
attacks against humanity - with gays and Pakistani's and women getting abused particularly badly, but like the first time I saw him in the 90's, the amazing thing is that he manages to out-offence everyone - pah! Frankie Boyle is just chewed up & spat out, that you come away at the end feeling almost immune to such abuse
that anything that anyone else could possibly ever say to try & offend you in future would be redundant and lame in comparison.

My only gripe is that he did absolutely no magic whatsoever and yet
the guy is brilliant at it and it would have added a small ray of light
to such a pitch black and darkly offensive show.