Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pulco in session mix 3

3rd exclusive mix with Welsh singer/songwriter PULCO

Permafrost : Kama Aina
Bjork : Cosmogony
To Rococo Rot : Thomson Colour
Pulco : Hair
Tokimonsta : Darkest (dim)
Dalmation Rex : A Tortoise Blinks/The Garden Gnome
Pulco : Party Started
Mink Troubador Kamakazi Squadron : Underpants
Guided By Voices : Acorns & Orioles
Misterlee : Natural Born Blonde
Pulco : Whistle Frog
Bobby : Sore Spores
Fritz Von Runte : It Ain't Easy
Pulco : Knuckles
Tom Waits : What's He Building In There?
Rickie Lee Jones : Blue Ghazel
William D. Drake : In An Ideal World
Steeleye Span : Alison Gross
Pulco : Don't Stand Down
Angelo Badalamenti : Freshly Squeezed