Thursday, 7 July 2011

Something New mix

my first mix of mostly fresh tunes recorded live at our new studio

The Specials : Ghost Town (remix)
Snippet : Ain't It Always The Quiet Ones
Larsen : It Was a Very Good Year

Bobby : We Saw
Eno : Fierce Aisles of Light
Jono McCleery : Wonderful Life
Mo Kolours : Blackbird
William D. Drake : Me Fish Bring
Dead Trees : Older
Lumerians : Shortwave Field
Rude Mechanicals : Like Magnetism
Offshore : Mintlaw
Keith Seatman : A Dirty Thought
Fritz Von Runte : Starmann
Cuticle : Merciful Swound
Washed Out : Eyes Be Closed (remix)
Do Grin Edits : Sitting On The Mong All Day