Saturday, 2 February 2013

GBV + mix

Guided By Voices, solo and group with added flavourings

GBV : A Salty Salute
GBV : Bulldog Skin
Unknown Mortal Orchestra : Swim & Sleep (Like a Shark)
GBV : Finger Gang
GBV : Forever Until It Breaks
Trash Money : You Lied Satan
Robert Pollard : Submarine Teams
The Fall : Blindness
GBV : Can't Hear The Revolution
GBV : Sad If I Lost It
R.L. Burnside : It's Bad You Know
GBV : My Son, My Secretary & My Country
Sebadoh : Crystal Gypsy
GBV : Big Boring Wedding
Tobin Sprout : It's Like Soul Man
Mink Troubadour Kamakaze Squadron : Underpants
Robert Pollard : Maggie Turns To Flies
Modest Mouse : Shit Luck
GBV : Teenage F.B.I.
King Khan & The Shrines : Tell Me
Robert Pollard : Showbiz Opera Walrus
GBV : Now To War